My Ramblings Inspired By Lewis Black’s Critique of I-Phones, Apps and Androids

(Originally written on September 10, 2015 , with light edits.)

In this review review, I won’t even talk so much about the guy’s material. Just watch the Lewis Black video and laugh (or, if you don’t like him, then don’t watch the video and don’t laugh). Instead of repeating everything he said and noting to what extent I agree and think he’s funny, I’m going to write something inspired by the video.

I went years without a cell phone of any kind, and Lewis Black’s review of so-called “smartphone technology” helps me realize I wasn’t making such a stupid choice after all. Nowadays, there’s an implication that if you don’t have a phone you must be a freak, a lunatic, or a loser. This indicates to what extent technology has us by the proverbial nutsack. Technology fails fairly often, no matter how advanced it is said to be. Why is that? Everything breaks down over time. It is a law of nature. To create something that doesn’t eventually break down is to defy nature, and, if you believe in this sort of thing, God itself. So I urge civilization to not continually annoy Zeus, and occasionally consider the Ted Kaczynski’s of the world. And no, you don’t have to send bombs through the mail to appreciate giving technology a break, or to ponder a life with less of it. After all, bombs are technology, too, which made Ted a bit of a hypocrite. Sure, maybe it was primitive technology, but it was technology nonetheless. And that makes me think: What if good ol’ Ted had access to higher grade technology when he was freely doing his thing? Think about that, then think about people who claim everything should be more “user friendly.”

(You can also consider this review a partial review of the Unabomber manifesto. I may write a bigger review of that some day).


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