Inspired by a review of John Huston’s Let There Be Light

Noel Murray’s excellent review for A.V. Club has sparked my interest in seeing the movie in question, called “Let There Be Light.”

Not only have I never seen it, but I don’t recall ever hearing about it. It does sound like a potentially honest war-time documentary that may be a balance between pro-war accounts and anti-war accounts.

That being said, whether or not I see the movie does not hinge on this review. In this day and age, life seems all to saturated with war and violence, and I have largely grown jaded with the whole range of experience. Perhaps some wars and acts of violence are more justified than others, but one result of constantly being at war is that it stops being as interesting or exciting anymore.

In a way, the review in question almost reflects that tone, as does my response to it here. I’ve had an anti-war (and, to large degree, anti-authority) view all my life, but these days I am basically withdrawn from even those, as I have felt compelled into conformity overall. This is a big part of why war and authority are ultimately so bad.

Eventually they can take everyone along for the ride, which leaves me wondering just what kind of freedoms these institutions are protecting. If one cannot be free of involvement in whatever society they have created, and if one is regarded as a lunatic for even considering such a choice, then freedom is not to be had. It is to be salvaged from the wreckage, in bits and pieces.

I don’t know if this movie really captures that spirit, and that’s almost not the point here. The point is, this review got me to thinking this way, which means it actually provoked thought. Good job!


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