‘Mississippi Burning’ – A good movie that falls a little short

[Originally written May 10, 2016]

I was reading excerpts of Spike Lee’s critique of “Mississippi Burning,” which can be found easily online. Anyway, I had watched the movie recently, so here’s my take on the controversy: Though it’s a great, hard hitting movie, I was disappointed to learn that the FBI agents were completely fictionalized and have come to agree that, yes, it does falsely glorify the FBI, who had actually played a substantially negative role during the civil rights struggle, and against black people generally (especially with COINTELPRO).

Still, I am capable of putting that pretty well aside and just watching the movie for what it is. I have respect for the acting and story telling, and it certainly doesn’t depict law in general as totally unflawed, which is definitely something films should address more often. In short I would say it’s both a very courageous and very cowardly film.


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