Shotana Studio’s ‘Insane Fan Theory’ about John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’

Today I post a video (scroll down) from Shotana Studios regarding John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”  Now, if you have never seen the movie, don’t bother reading this. Go watch the movie, then come back to this video like good boys and girls.

Anyway, they have an “insane fan theory” that Childs has become The Thing at the end of the movie. The Shotana guys present some credible evidence, and I don’t feel bad presenting it here myself — hey, it’s just an “insane fan theory” video.

Their theory is that Childs is not breathing nearly as much as MacReady. When MacReady breathes, we see his breath as one would in winter. With Childs, we don’t. I know this firsthand, as I experience winters. If one person’s breath looks almost like they’re smoking cigarettes, it should be true of everyone.

As a kid, I used to use this phenomenon to pretend I was smoking cigarettes (Thanks, Joe Camel!). The second theory is that MacReady didn’t offer Childs alcohol to drink, but actually the gasoline for making molotov cocktails. Why is this suggested? MacCready had been making those not long before the final scene, and it’s believed that he may have been pondering suicide by ingesting the gasoline — right until Childs shows up. The other theory is the most obvious: We were following McCready the whole time.

It is all food for thought, and shows just how invested fans get into certain movies and TV shows.


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