My review of My Little Ponies review of kinetic sand

(Originally written October 16, 2015)

This is a review of My Little Ponies review of kinetic sand. What is kinetic sand? Watch the video and find out. Actually, the ponies are brought to you by “yum soda,” whatever that means. Anyway, there is a disclaimer on yum soda’s Youtube page that “My videos are meant for younger Bronies and Pegasisters who enjoy the show ‘My Little Pony.'” To my recollection I have never watched My Little Pony, but I have certainly heard of it.

As I watched the review, I realized that kinetic sand is really for people with imagination. One of the ponies says, “It looks like elephant poo!” I suppose it does, kind of. I can’t say I’ve looked elephant poo straight in the eye, but I could imagine it looking something like that. One of the ponies makes a kinetic sand muffin, tries to taste it and realizes it doesn’t taste like a muffin. Cute little moments happen in the video, in other words.

Life is short so I probably won’t watch a ton of yum soda’s videos, but it was entertaining and informative in a basic way. It made me consider the merits of kinetic sand, and also question my sanity.


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