Little Peters Reads ‘Everyone Poops!’

(Originally written October 15, 2015)

Little Peter not only reviews the book “Everyone Poops” for us, but offers his plain, insightful commentary. I just discovered this Pete fella today, and let me tell you, videos like this help make the internet kind of worthwhile from time to time.

One interesting thing about “Everyone Poops” is the amount of time it spends addressing how animals poop. Now, I know humans are ultimately animals and all that, but some people would find the title a tad misleading, as man often wants to separate himself from nature. This isn’t to say I’m above that phenomenon. I often try to differentiate myself from cats and wild boar, but my philosophical nature brings me back to my animal nature, and the mere fact that everyone poops. If we poop and animals also poop, how far above the rest can we really be? Anyway, it’s a good overview and review, and Pete has a new fan.


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