Regarding A Bad Review of Dunkin Donuts

Kristal of Belleview, FL offers a negative review of Dunkin’ Donuts, to which I will respond below:
“Every Saturday we look forward to our D&D breakfast. The service is getting worse and worse every weekend. Orders are wrong, getting an attitude from employees, handed a balled up clump of napkins for my meal in my hand and most annoying is missing or wrong items. We called to complain and a manager told us their manager was out and they would replace a blueberry muffin that was supposed to be heated and buttered but was just put in the bottom of the bag with no wrapper, not heated and no butter crushed. Nice job! This is the fifth time my order has been a problem or I wouldn’t even waste my time writing this! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day TO GET CORRECT! Getting sick of people not wanting to do their job properly. If they don’t like it they should quit, or not be working there.”

My response: While I understand the complaints above, my immediate impulse is to say, “Okay, maybe you should stop looking forward to your D&D breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts.” Perhaps try playing Dungeons and Dragons somewhere else. It seems easy enough to abandon this weekend routine.

Maybe make your own breakfast at home, where you are less likely to get the items wrong, and you can crush butter the right way to your heart’s content. You can do your own nice job, and you won’t have to write scathing reviews of how incorrect Dunkin Donuts is. If they don’t do their job properly and you feel the employees shouldn’t be working there, tell ’em you won’t give them anymore of your own money.

I know, I know, I’m probably only feeding the problem by deflecting responsibility from Dunkin Donuts to do an excellent job, but who gives a shit? We’re all going to get old and die some day. What could a well-run Dunkin Donuts do about that? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

A badly run donut shop, on the other hand, reminds us that we don’t always get what we pay for, that we are imperfect and petty human beings, and that to expect much better is like expecting the sun to rise and set especially for us. We do not live in such a world, no matter how much we wish — it is a fantasy no more real than Dungeons and Dragons.

Slay your dragons elsewhere (NOTE: I have never played D&D — I’m just assuming dragons are occasionally fought and slayed in the game. I apologize to any nerds if I am incorrect in my assumption).


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