Collectible Spot’s review of Marvel Bonka Zonks Series 1 (whatever the hell that means)

(Originally written September 21, 2015.)

Another short and sweet review. This time I review TheReviewSpot’s review of Marvel Bonka Zonks. This review is very simple, and didn’t really need to be complex.

Basically, the man question is, what the hell are Bonka Zonks? They’re just small tops with Marvel characters on them. As the review notes, they pretty much don’t do anything. Throw them down and they always land the same way. That’s about it. A small child may find them entertaining, but anyone small enough to find them enjoyable might also find them a choking hazard.

I like how the package notes “website available for a limited time only.” Well, okay.

I am actually glad I saw this review, because now if I see such a thing in the store, I’ll think twice before buying it. This reminds me of just how much useless junk there is out there to buy, make, or sell. I am not immune to this phenomenon. either. I think everyone has had Bonka Zonk moments in their lives.  Don’t get Bonka Zonked.


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