Review of AVGN’s Review of “Master Chu and The Drunkard Hu”For NES

Because I’m on an Angry Video Game Nerd marathon (which will last a while), I figured I should share 2 of my favorite moments so far. In his review of Who Framed Roger Rabbit on the NES, he threatens to kill Jessica Rabbit and nail Roger Rabbit to the cross. Then, in this episode, he introduces a lovable little character named Shitpickle. Like the Pokémon character Pikachu (or however the hell that’s spelled), Shitpickle says nothing but his name. It helps the review oh so much, because it’s the pleasant kind of annoying. AVGN’s swearing can get a little repetitive and gimmicky after a while, but usually it’s funny enough, and Shitpickle acts as an exclamation point to this particular review.



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