10 Best Horror Soundtracks From Death Waltz Records

Eventually I will have a non-horror post.
Today is not that day, however.

Today I encourage you to look at Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz Records, and his presentation of the “10 best horror soundtracks” (courtesy of The Vinyl Factory).

This is obviously a guy who appreciates horror movies, horror soundtracks and vinyl. Frankly, there isn’t much to talk about here without simply recapping what the guy says, so it’s not so much a review review as it is my posting a link. I also agree with much of what he says, so there’s no exciting points to argue about.

I can say the video contains some scantily clad ladies in parts, and is therefore potentially offensive to some prudes. Also, his list should include Rosemary’s Baby. Anyway, check it out. If you can afford one of these soundtracks, go for it. Maybe buy me a copy while you’re at it.


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