On TimeOut London’s Review of Creepshow

Okay, here is my review of TimeOut London’s review of Creepshow.  I know I recently posted a different review review about this movie, but it’s such a great one that it merits another article.

There really isn’t much to TimeOut’s review, frankly. The reviewer, named “GD” (could that mean “Goddamn”?), simply goes over elementary plot details, and argues that most of the stories “are simply too long for anybody’s comfort.” (Seriously, read the review and see how lacking it is).

All I can do is either agree or disagree with GD’s statement, and I happen to disagree. In fact, the attention paid to each Creepshow story is a strength, I find. Way too many movies these days refuse to elaborate on a story, or a setting, or a mood. They just cut quickly from one scene to the next, rapid-fire style. Because of such rapid pacing, attention spans have almost totally gone out the window.

However, with Creepshow, a scene has time to “breathe,” so to speak, and the audience becomes familiar with the characters and events as they unfold. While we can never say “I am right now in the scene,” we can more easily pretend we are there when some time is taken to place ourselves there mentally. I won’t say rapid pacing is never good, of course, but that it’s often ineffective for telling a story, and brings to mind a fast-food approach to culture.

So, basically, this was a crappy review courtesy of GD. I will end my review by simply exclaiming “Goddamn!”


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